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The benefits of TaeKwonDo training will help children boost their self esteem, give them better self discipline and control, help them in social situations, keep them active and more physically fit, have and show respect for others, teach them the lessons learned from failing, give them goals to shoot for as well better focus and last but not least shows them how to work with others. 

We talked about the benefits, now it's time to show you. Take a look a few photos taken at Chino Tae Kwon Do in Chino, California. 

taekwondo sparring for kids
kids taekwondo training in Chino California

My 9 year old son is enjoying his trial classes. Master Matthew is knowledgeable in his martial art and the principals he instills in the kids during class will NOT be found sitting at home behind a computer screen. My son and everyone else's children NEED to have social interaction with their peers and NEED physical activity for healthy child development and good mental health. So happy to have found this place! I will be signing up my son after his trial is over.

Jackie L. - Redlands, CA

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